CNC Milling

Manuals & Documentation
Evo User Manual .zip 12.02.2024 EVO
Pro User Manual .zip 12.02.2024 PRO
Fab User Manual .zip 12.02.2024 FAB
Machine Interface Presentation .zip 12.11.2021 EVO
Calibration Methodology .zip 22.08.2022 EVO
PlanetCNC User Manual .html 22.02.2023 EVOPROFAB
PlanetCNC G-Code Reference .pdf 24.08.2022 EVOPROFAB
PlanetCNC Tutorials .html 25.01.2023 EVOPROFAB
PlanetCNC Mk3/4 Controller Doc .pdf 25.04.2022 EVOPROFAB
Laser XT-50 User Manual .zip 25.01.2024 EVOPROFAB
Files & Configuration
Evo PlanetCNC Profiles * .zip 31.01.2024 EVO
Pro PlanetCNC Profiles *
Please read this before downloading the file
.zip 01.03.2024 PRO
Fab PlanetCNC Profile * .zip 01.02.2024 FAB
Laser PlanetCNC Profiles * .zip 26.04.2024 EVOPROFAB
Evo/Pro Raspberry Pi Image * .zip 08.02.2024 EVOPRO
Fab Raspberry Pi Image * .zip 20.02.2024 FAB
First G-code & Calibration .zip 24.03.2022 EVOPROFAB
PlanetCNC API Resources .zip 16.11.2022 EVOPROFAB
PlanetCNC Custom Code Samples .zip 15.05.2023 EVOPROFAB
Fusion360 Tool Libraries .zip 25.04.2023 EVOPROFAB
Fusion360 Machine Library .zip 08.01.2024 EVOPROFAB
Evo Spoilerboard G-code .zip 24.03.2022 EVO
Pro Spoilerboard G-code .zip 06.07.2022 PRO
Fab Spoilerboard G-code .zip 27.04.2023 FAB
Opt Lasers Generator Settings .zip 30.01.2024 EVOPROFAB
Lightburn Laser Device Settings .zip 30.01.2024 EVOPROFAB

* Release notes and legacy files available here
Important note on the CNC PRO PlanetCNC profiles:
Use this profile version only if you purchased your machine after 01/08/2024 and already modified the DIP switch configuration of your motor drivers to 1/16 micro-stepping. Otherwise, go to our legacy files page to find the right version for your machine. If you don't know which one to use, contact us and we'll be happy to help.